The current hurricane Irma is being labeled as one of the strongest and potentially dangerous Hurricanes to hit landfall. As with all hurricanes they are unpredictable so we must take every precaution in case the storm hits Tallahassee. Here are a few tips to be prepared:

•Know the Lingo – Hurricane Watch – Issued 48 hours in advance because conditions are possible. Hurricane Warning – Issued 36 hours and hurricane conditions are expected.
•Be prepared – Water may be hard to find so here are a few tips in case you are in your home for an extended period without water.
1.Reuse water bottles. What you drink now do not throw
away. Fill with tap water so you have available.
2.Fill milk containers, pots, bathtubs, jugs with water
now to have on hand
3.Fill your tank with gas in case of evacuation
4.Bag up valuable papers in case of flood or evacuation
5.Go to bank and take out cash. If major power outage
no ATM will work and banks will be closed.
6.Pack a bag with all essentials in case of a mandatory
•Make sure awnings, bicycles, grills, plants, umbrellas or anything not anchored down is brought inside. Each of these could be potentially dangerous with high winds.
•Take an inventory of items in your home and pictures and put in a waterproof container or safety deposit box or safe for insurance reasons.
•Pay attention to all weather forecasts and track the storm.
•Check the mail room and our website news for up to date tips while this storm is pending.
•Make sure your contact information with us is up-to-date
•If there is a mandatory evacuation we will use the call out system and go door to door before we leave the community. Please do not stay in your home if this happens. A home is replaceable a human life is not!!!